Sustainable Plastic Products

Sustainable plastic products™ (spp) are plastic bags, packaging, and bottles that are based on:

  • Recycled or biobased plastics,
  • Heavy-metal free materials,
  • Reduced carbon footprint, and
  • Low pollution.

SPP certification requires:

  • Energy audits,
  • Waste audits, and
  • Recycling audits for manufacturing companies.
  • SPP™ is the first nationally recognized independent 3rd party certified standard, audit and accreditation program for the plastics industry.
  • SPP™ can help your company be more sustainable by reducing waste, reducing pollution, reducing your carbon footprint, and increasing recycling rates of plastic bags, packaging, or bottles.
  • The SPP™ process can also help you obtain carbon credits.
  • SPP-certified companies have taken significant steps to ensure that environmental standards are adhered to in their manufacturing facilities.
  • Responsible companies are choosing to purchase their plastic products from manufacturers that have taken steps to make environmental protection a key part of their corporate culture.
  • Your company can help lead the way in establishing sustainable green plastic bags for California and the nation.


  • The SPP™ certification program gives buyers the piece of mind to know that their plastics supplier is serious about helping the environment.
  • If you are a company purchasing plastic products, you now have a new tool available to use.
  • If you are a retailer or restaurant owner who has selected plastic bags and packaging due to its superior value, environmental stewardship should play a key role in your purchasing decisions.

Make a difference. Buy your plastic products from SPP-certified suppliers.