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Companies in the SGP community that meet the membership sustainable products criteria.

Plastic Bags, Packaging, and Bottles

Command Packaging has become the leading U.S. manufacturer of custom plastic bags for retailers and restaurants. As the first U.S. manufacturer to receive the Environmentally Preferred Rating (EPR) and as an endorsed partner of the U.S. Envi... Learn more

Crown Poly is a global plastic manufacturing company offering customers a complete innovative bagging system for produce, meat, bakery, bulk, ice bags and consumer-end products. They have set the industry standard and are a market lea... Learn more

Hilex Poly is an industry leading manufacturer of plastic bag and film products. Focusing primarily on high density polyethylene (HDPE) film products and related services, our products range from bagging systems to packaging films. As an ind... Learn more

Roplast Industries manufactures custom polyethylene-based films and bags for retail, grocery, food packaging, and industrial markets. Roplast's mission is to provide high quality film and bags that fulfill the packaging needs of... Learn more

Biobased Companies

Founded in 1992, Metabolix, Inc. is an innovation-driven bioscience company focused on providing sustainable solutions for the world's needs for plastics, chemicals and energy. The Company is taking a systems approach... Learn more