Welcome To Our Company

Providing eco-friendly solutions to help keep our environment clean.

Sustainable Green Products, Inc. (SGP) is a sustainable certification business that provides membership in SGP and third party certification for sustainable business practices.

SGP is a membership organization that helps plastic, paper, and consumer-product companies be more sustainable.

Welcome to membership in Sustainable Green Products, Inc!

You can join SGP at the Basic or Advanced membership levels.

Basic and advanced membership allows companies to provide more sustainable products with reduced:

  • Carbon footprint,
  • Solid waste,
  • Water consumption, and
  • Pollution

Basic membership allows a company to use self auditing sustainability tools to discover the environmental impacts of their products. Advanced membership allows companies to use 3rd party independent audits of their manufacturing operations and to use Life Cycle Assessment tools to establish sustainable products. Select the "Join Today" tab above to learn more.

Dr. Greene is the president of the company and is also professor in the Sustainable Manufacturing program at California State University, Chico.

Dr. Greene is a worldwide expert in biodegradable plastics and biodegradation testing.